Chase The Fade: Music, Memories & Memorabilia

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Chase The Fade: Music, Memories & Memorabilia
Chase The Fade cover image
Author: Anne Nightingale
Country: UK
Language: English
Publisher: Blandford Press
Publication date: 1981-04-27
ISBN: 0 7137 1167 1


Anne Nightingale worked for the BBC and wrote this book about music in the 70s (and early 80s).

Quotations and trivia

Anne Nightingale first met The Police on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" show on 1978-10-02. In 1980 she travelled with The Police on their tour of the far east. The BBC broadcast her documentary Police In The East the following year. Around The World reuses much of the same footage.

Her book has a chapter with 21 pages about her experiences with The Police including lots of photos of the band and memorabilia.


The first edition is a hardcover book.

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