Athana Symphonic Experience

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"Athana Symphonic Experience"
Artist: Athana, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, Stewart Copeland
Directed by: DIRECTOR(S)
Produced by: PRODUCER(S)
Edited by: EDITOR(S)
Filming location(s): Stavanger, Norway - Stavanger Konserthus
Initial release date: 2013-11-27
Running time: 77 minutes
Label: West Audio Music

Video summary

This Bluray / CD release presents Stewart Copeland's concert with Athana and the Stavanger Symphoniy Orchestra in Stavanger from 2013-03-08. The CD also features the song Last Call from the Paviljon album.




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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
40px 2013-11-27 Norway Bluray English ---

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