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The Police play a live version of Roxanne at the Grammys
2007 02 11 screencap.jpg
a screenshot from the live television broadcast
2007 02 11 screencap 2.jpg
a screenshot from the live television broadcast
2007 02 11 HelenBruner Sting TerryJones.jpg
a photo from today - copyright Helen Bruner & Terry Jones
Date: 2007-02-11
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA - Staples Center
Attendees: The Police

The Police sign autographs on instruments for charity auctions. Sting wanted to sing one of his Signature basses but couldn't find a good clear spot in which to sign the bass - causing him to jokingly gripe about how "those guys should know better.." in reference to Stewart's and Andy's signatures and their location. And then he turned and shouted "That's it!! I quit the band" - with a smile...

The Police ran thru Roxanne 4 or 5 times and during the breaks Sting noodled his "Davy Crockett" thing while Andy quitely noodled "Milestones". After one take Sting joked about how the next song they'd play would be 'My Sharona' and even played a bit on the bass with Stewart joining him on the drums for a second...

Later that day The Police played a live version of Roxanne at the 49th Grammys Awardss. They used the original backing vocals of the 1978 recording.

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