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The Police perform on "The Old Grey Whistle Test"
a screenshot from the show
NTSC U-Matic Tape
My Father's Place concert ad in VOICE - September 18, 1978 - with close-ups
Date: 1978-10-02
Location: Manchester, England, UK
Attendees: The Police


Today Sting wakes up in Brighton at 6:30am in his hotel room. He's on the Quadrophenia set at 8am. The riot on the strand and in the streets is filmed today. As it gets dark the rest of the shooting is postponed to the next day. Sting changes clothes on the way to Gatwick airport in the record company's car.

Stewart Copeland (and probably Andy, too) drives from London to Manchester. He's interviewed by Piccadilly Radio and the BBC Manchester.

The Police's soundcheck at "The Old Grey Whistle Test" studio is done an hour before the live performance. Sting manages to spray metallic paint into his eyes instead of his hair. There's an eye hospital near the studio where Sting is treated. The Police play Can't Stand Losing You and Next To You with Sting wearing one of Stewart Copeland's large glasses...

After the show there's a dinner with TV and A&M people. Stewart talks to Michael Appleton. Sting catches the sleeper train to Victoria and then drives back to Brighton - arriving on the set at 7 o'clock the next morning.

Originally The Police intended to play at My Father's Place in Roslyn, NY, USA. Sting's successful audition for Quadrophenia on 1978-08-31 got in the way... There's a cancelled contract for a 1978-10-03 performance at this venue - as well as a September 18 ad in VOICE for a concert there today.

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sources: Reggatta de Blanc tour program, Broken Music, Stewart Copeland's diary, concert ad in VOICE - September 18, 1978

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