Walking On The Moon (video)

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Introductory statement about this video.

"Walking on the Moon"
Screenshot from the "Walking on the Moon" video
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Derek Burbidge
Produced by: Kate Burbidge
Filming location: Kennedy Space Center - Florida, USA
Released: 1979
Running time: 5:03

Video summary

This video was filmed 1979-10-23 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.<ref>Wikipedia. Feb 2008. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 19 Feb 2008 <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walking_on_the_Moon></ref> It features the bandmembers of the The Police lip-synching to the song amidst spacecraft displays, interspersed with actual NASA footage.

Release history

"Walking on the Moon" appears on the following video and dvd releases:

Cover art Video title Release date Release country
Police-everybreathyoutakethevideo.jpg Every Breath You Take: The Videos 1986-11-01 United Kingdom
Police-greatesthitsdvd.jpg Greatest Hits (long video) 1992-09-01 United Kingdom
Police-everybreathyoutakethedvd.jpg Every Breath You Take: The DVD 2003-04-07 United Kingdom

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