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What is The PoliceWiki?

The goal of the PoliceWiki is for fans of The Police, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland and Sting (and Henry Padovani too!) to have a place to document the band's history and fandom in a format that is open to everyone's contributions of knowledge, reference materials and experiences.

Why a wiki? There is already a wealth of Police and related information on the internet that has been assembled and generated by dedicated, hardworking fans for many years. But the difficulty is that this information on the band -- its history, its members, their accomplishments both as a band and in their solo careers -- is spread all over the place. There's a timeline of events over here; a discography over there; a list of solo efforts on one site for one band member and elsewhere for another. There is also useful information scattered throughout decades of magazine articles and interviews easily lost track of through time and through websites disappearing.

With the PoliceWiki, we wish to make it possible to locate such information quickly and easily. We want to serve as a quick reference site where various types of information relevant to the band can be brought together into a single repository, and to make it so that information can be easily expanded upon, corrected or added by anyone who has details to share. We also wish to document the fandom of the band as well, hence our past partnership with the FanHistory (where User:sockii first learned the ropes of being a Wiki admin and contributor).

New editors are always welcome to join the project and help out, although editing accounts must be approved by User:sockii to protect the site from vandalism and spam attacks. Please contact her directly if you'd like to obtain access. You don't need to be an expert on Police history, just a fan with some time to share and a desire to make the wiki better. Please see PoliceWiki:About for more information on the history, goals, and approach of the PoliceWiki, and our Help pages for specific details on getting started.