Synchronicity Concert

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This official video was filmed at The Omni in Atlanta, GA, USA on 1983-11-02 and 1983-11-03.

"Synchronicity Concert"
VHS cover
DVD cover
Artist: The Police
Directed by: Godley & Creme
Produced by: Alexis Godfrey
Edited by: EDITOR
Filming location(s): Atlanta, GA, USA - The Omni
VHS release date: 1984-09-27 (UK)

1984-11-21 (Japan)

DVD release date: 2005-09-19 (Germany)
Running time: 76:00
Label: A&M (VHS)

Universal (DVD)

Video summary

This live video shows The Police at The Omni in Atlanta on 1983-11-03. Sadly it's not a complete concert...

The 2005 DVD adds some multi-angle tracks from the 1983-11-02 performance:

The bonus material also offers interviews from Melbourne 1984, a reprint of the 1983 tour program and an Easter Egg.


Originally The Police wanted to realease another concert, but were not satisfied with their 1983-08-02 performance. So Godley & Creme filmed them again at The Omni in Atlanta, GA, USA on 1983-11-02 and 1983-11-03. Some audience shots from the August performance were still used for the official release.

The songs on this VHS release were mixed by Pete Smith at Utopia Studios.

Release history

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Cover art Release date Country Format Language Special features
Police-syncronicityconcert-vhs.jpg 1984-09-27 UK VHS (PAL) English none
Stub.gif 1984-11-21 Japan VHS (NTSC) English none
Police-syncronicityconcertdvd.jpg 2005-09-19 Germany DVD (Region 2 / PAL) English Multi Angle Tracks, Trailer, reprint of 1983 tour program, Melbourne 1984 interviews

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Japanese ad:

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