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PoliceWiki was created with the objective of providing a central source where information of use and interest to Police fans could be found, as well as expanded upon by any user. The ability of this project to achieve this goal is mitigated by the willingness of as many Police fans as possible to participate and add their knowledge. Without widespread participation, many articles may remain no more than "Stubs" given the time it will take for the administrators and a small team of willing volunteers to add all of this information on their own. A more balanced and neutral point of view can be achieved as well by the participation of many instead of just a few.

PoliceWiki is a non-profit effort undertaken as part of the policefans.org domain. The motto of policefans.org is "for the fans, by the fans", and that statement reflects our approach to all projects under this domain including our forum. policefans.org is not associated in any way officially with The Police, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, Sting, nor anyone in their individual organizations.

As with all wikis, PoliceWiki advises that you use it a secondary source when doing research. Using the citations included on pages is encouraged to insure the accuracy of the information. While the administrators try to make articles as accurate as possible, they cannot check every piece of data added by users of the site. Because any user can make additions to the wiki, it is possible that they may intentionally, or unintentionally, add inaccurate information which might take some time for another user to discover and correct.

PoliceWiki allows logged-in contributors to upload images, sound samples and add text. Submissions are not monitored or approved as they happen. Copyright infringement may happen as a result although it is believed the use of most materials such as low-resolution album and magazine scans fall under Fair Use for the wiki. If you feel your copyright or trademark has been infringed, however, please contact User:Sockii via her talk page or via email to sockii@earthlink.net and she will address this issue as quickly as possible.

Please see our Help pages for additional information on our policies and recommendations to all users.