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  • in early April Sting finishes his US tour - there's a week off which he probably spends in Los Angeles.

There's a premiere for Stormy Monday that week, followed by next day's video shoot for They Dance Alone at the former Chaplin studios and a platinum record presentation for ...Nothing Like The Sun - the next day Sting will fly to Europe (Rome!) - this information is from Tele - May 2, 1988

(the last US gig was on 1988-04-02 - the first European gig was on 1988-04-16)

  • Spanish mag from around May - 2 days before starting a European tour Sting recorded two new videos and did several interviews for TV ---- he was interviewed in Malibu for the magazine and they say he just came from a short family vacation in Aspen
  • Stewart Copeland and Miles Copeland attended an Outlandos Trust charity event at the Houses of Parliament in London in May - "absolutely diabolical weather"
  • in the summer Stewart checked out Wagner operas in Bayreuth, Germany (Burlington County Times - December 3, 1989)
  • October 5, 1988 in East Coast Rocker - that exhibition just ended (at the In Square Circle Gallery in Brooklyn) --- also : performing at his daughter's school in Santa Monica that year at the annual festival -- he played on his own with echo rhythm tape loop --- other artists Roy Orbison, Gary Busey, ... (famous parents there!)
  • interview for ECR BEFORE tour with Tangerine Dream that started on August 25, 1988 - and the exhibition had already ended ! may be misleading, as Andy mentions recording with M. Shrieve "last week" which was prob july 8-12 --- but the late publication date of the mid-July interview may be the reason that the UPCOMING exhibition in August was referred to as "JUST ENDED"...
  • in late September or early October Stewart Copeland flew from New York to London (Outlandos newsletter from September / October 1988 mentions that Stewart arrived coming from New York - the newsletter itself also mentions Sting's birthday as an event from the past, that's why "last week" could be either the end of September or early October)
  • Sting is interviewed in a hotel in Paris at the end of August (he was in the US on August 28 and in London on August 31) (French magazine clipping)

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