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  • Sting worked for the Inland Revenue as a tax officer for (six?) months (Broken Music pp.97 ff)

this starts at some point after his work on a building site (probably up to Christmas 1970) Sting is interviewed for this in Manchester

  • Henry Padovani mentioned that he saw Rory Gallagher while in college - could have been the French tour of April 1971

  • in the fall of this year Sting went to Northern Counties Teacher Training College where he studied for three years

the date is not exactly given in Broken Music he met Gerry Richardson there in the fall of (probably) 1971 (in his book he mentions 1972, but as he played with him and Earthrise for about a year and was already a member of the Newcastle Big Band in the first months of 1973, meeting Gerry in late 1972 has to be wrong)

Sting mentions a three year period he started as a teacher in 1974

the Ray Nikart book also mentions that he studied from 1971 to 1974

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