2019-06-13 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart visits a museum in Blaubeuren
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Date: 2019-06-13
Location: Schelklingen, Germany / Blaubeuren, Germany - Hohler Fels / Urgeschichtliches Museum Blaubeuren (URMU)
Attendees: Stewart Copeland

In the morning Stewart Copeland was filmed in the "Hohler Fels" cavern in Schelklingen, Germany - where the world's oldest instrument was found.

Stewart Copeland later visited the URMU in Blaubeuren, Germany - admiring the original more than 35.000 year old flute. Close-ups would be featured in part 1 of the Stewart Copeland's Adventures In Music BBC documentary. In the museum Stewart also checked out a 40.000 year old Venus figurine.

He was also walking around Blaubeuren, visiting the Gerbergasse and the Blautopf - footage from this was not used in the documentary.

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source: URMU photos on facebook

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