2019-04-13 (Stewart Copeland)

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Stewart is in New York / Message In A Bottle re-released on Record Store Day 2019
today's re-release
Date: 2019-04-13
Location: New York, NY, USA - "Main Drag Music" store in Brooklyn
Attendees: Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland visits "Main Drag Music" store in Brooklyn - in New York, NY, USA.

He also performs People Have The Power with Patti Smith and "Choir! Choir! Choir!" at The Public Theater - using a frying pan...

On Record Store Day 2019 Message In A Bottle gets a worldwide re-release as a double 7" single in a gatefold cover.

Green single:

Blue single:

The original band photo was shot by James Wedge. Rod Shone took the other two photos - the front cover one with broken glass on top of a print of James Wedge's photo - and the back cover photo. Both were done in a great hurry at the offices of A&M Records. The water on the reverse was in a white photographic tray and the waves were made by using an air brush to make a quick flow of air which disturbed the water . Rod Shone used a Vivitar flash held off camera and a Hasselblad camera.The writing on the paper is the handwriting of A&M art director Mike Ross. The green colour was achieved by putting a green gel (a clear coloured plastic material) over the light source.

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source: "Main Drag Music" on Instagram, internet, video