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Sting rehearses for Saturday Night Live in New York
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Date: 1996-02-23
Location: New York, NY, USA
Attendees: Sting

After his yoga in the morning Sting rehearses for the upcoming Saturday Night Live show. He returns to SIR Studios to audition dancers for a Top Of The Pops outside broadcast for Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot he'll do later that week. He goes back for another Saturday Night Live rehearsal. As he's not only performing two songs, but also appearing in a couple of sketches he has got some lines to learn.

Sting visits Don Henley doing the David Letterman Show a few blocks away.

He returns home to find the place crowded with workers. Sting goes to eat at La Compagne on 23rd Street with Don Henley.

Sting returns to his New York home and watches the end of the VHS cassette of "Restoration" which he had started the night before. Trudie arrives that night on crutches as she had broken her foot skiing.

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source: Q magazine - May 1996

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