1991-10-02 (Sting)

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1991 10 02 ticket Chris Baccus.jpg
a ticket for this concert - provided by Chris Baccus
1991 10 02 and 03 VIP pass.jpg
a VIP pass for the two 1991 Hollywood Bowl concerts - provided by Jeremy Truitt
Performance summary
Artist performing: Sting
Tour: 1991-1992 The Soul Cages Tour
Venue: Hollywood Bowl
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Support acts: Vinx
Ticket prices: US$ 25.00

On 1991-10-02, Sting performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


Recording information

The concert was broadcast live on pay-per-view TV.


Andy Summers plays guitar on Walking On The Moon, Every Breath You Take and Message In A Bottle.

This would be the last time two iconic instruments were used together: Sting's 1962 Fender Jazz Bass and Andy Summers' 1961 Fender Telecaster (both were also used at Andy's first The Police concert on 1977-07-25).

A&M owners Herb Alpert's and Jerry Moss' present to Sting was a vintage 1971 Riva speedboat (built in Italy).

There was a party at the A&M sound stages (behind their Sunset Boulevard offices) including Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne and Don Henley.

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