1977 Strontium 90 / The Elevators performances

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Between 1977-05-28 and 1977-07-21, Strontium 90 / The Elevators performed at least two, but probably three concerts.


The very first public performance of Andy Summers with Sting and Stewart Copeland was on 1977-05-28 as Strontium 90 in Paris, France. The band changed their name to The Elevators and played two more concerts in London, England, UK.

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Mike Howlett introduced Andy Summers to Sting and Stewart Copeland. They started rehearsals in London on 1977-05-17 and performed at the Gong festival in Paris on 1977-05-28 as Strontium 90.

With the same line-up but new band name The Elevators they played at least one more concert in London - supporting the O'Band at The Nashville Room on 1977-07-21. There was probably a second Elevators gig at Dingwalls on 1977-07-12.

Summary of tour dates

Date Venue Location
1977-05-28 Hippodrome Paris, France
1977-07-12 Dingwalls London, England, UK
1977-07-21 The Nashville Room London, England, UK

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