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The Police watch Star Wars in Paris
flyer for the Paris concerts - provided by ebay seller
an ad in Rock & Folk - November 1977
Date: 1977-10-21
Location: Paris, France
Attendees: Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland

An ad in Rock & Folk (November 1977) announces a concert in Paris at the Nashville for today. This was cancelled as well as another concert in Lyon on 1977-10-23.

There's an unused ticket for today's concert, which was cancelled after the tour promoter wasn't too happy about the Paris gig on 1977-10-20.

Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers watch "Star Wars" in its original version (with French subtitles) in a cinema this afternoon. Andy's car breaks down.

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source: ticket, Rock & Folk - November 1977, Stewart Copeland's diaries, One Train Later p. 183, Broken Music: Sting remembers staying in Paris for a few nights

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