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1976 09 11 ad.jpg
an ad for this concert in OOR - August 25, 1976
Performance summary
Artist performing: Procol Harum
Tour: 1975-1976 Curved Air performances
Venue: Openluchttheater
Location: Lochem, The Netherlands
Support acts: Curved Air, Caravan, Climax Blues Band, Dr. Feelgood, Normaal
Ticket prices: f 15,00 - 17,50

On 1976-09-11, Curved Air performed at the Openluchttheater in Lochem, The Netherlands.


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  • Rory Gallagher and John Cale were originally supposed to be part of the line-up at this concert event, but they pulled out and were replaced by Procol Harum and Caravan.

There were about 3000 people in the audience.

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source: Stewart Copeland's diary; ad in OOR - August 25, 1976; internet (see external links)

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